A Fresno Wedding | Chris + Samantha

What an absolutely beautiful day it was last Saturday!  It felt like it was the middle of May with the sun out and a cool breeze.  The day was perfect for the wedding of Chris & Samantha.  Their friends and family had a great time at Pardinis and the day was filled with laughter and emotion.  Samantha put her touch into everything, and it was beautiful!

I caught up with Samantha at Preen salon in north Fresno where she and her bridesmaids were busy preparing.  The ceremony was fun with Father Simon as the officiant.  He told Chris and Samantha that marriage was like a garden.  It needed to be nurtured and inevitably weeds would develop, and when that happened they’d have to get on their knees to remove the weeds.  Great analogy and so true, having been married almost 10 years now.  My wife and I wish Chris & Samantha a long, happy, and blessed life together!