A Riverdale Wedding | Ashley+Joey

So Saturday was my birthday, February 4th.  I’ve always liked my birth date.  I think it’s because it fits perfectly behind Christmas and is not too far away from the start of baseball season.

Well Saturday was also a great choice for Ashley and Joey to begin their life together.  They were married at Saint Ann’s Catholic Church in Riverdale, CA.  Riverdale is where my mom grew up and where I spent many weekends and summers playing at my grandparents home.  My mother-in-law grew up in Riverdale and my in-laws were married at Saint Ann’s almost 42 years ago as well.  Small world!

I’ve always loved Riverdale because the people there are very close and extremely friendly.  Ashley and Joey’s family and friends were no exception, and their wedding was all about that closeness and friendship.  I met Joey’s Grandfather, Mr. Mendes who knew my Grandfather and was a student in his first High School class.  Their reception was at his barn…a great setting!

The day flew by and the emotions were more than present.  I wish Ashley and Joey all the best in their lives together and know they will continue to honor their families by just being themselves.