Karen & Michael: A Yosemite Engagement

Boy has it gotten cold all of a sudden!  Well it’s nothing compared to Yosemite Valley in November.  If you can brave the brisk air and questionable clouds you can capture some amazing photos in Yosemite this time of year. I have to say that I have never seen a more beautiful sky in Yosemite Valley in my entire life! I have been to Yosemite countless times and even lived in Fish Camp for a year but I never witnessed the sky appear so clear and then ominous with an upcoming storm.  Big thanks to Karen & Mike for suggesting Yosemite for their engagement session, and for braving the weather. We had such a good time running around the valley that I didn’t realize we shot for nearly 3 hours!  Even met up with some grazing deer which is always a special site. It was time well spent and I know we will have a great time on their wedding day next year. Best part is we made friends for a lifetime.  We wish you both all the best!